Art is Art Series 

The Art is Art Series began in March 2020 and is still in progress.  

 My mission is to bring forth positive imagery to nourish the mind, body, and soul especially at a time of uncertainty for all Humanity.  


Awake_12X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper


Enlightened Steps_9X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper_$50

Faith_9X12_Acrylic on Canvas_$50

Insta Picture 1976_9X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper_$50


The Children Know the Way_12X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper_$50

Transformation_12X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper



The Age of Sunshine_12X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper


Home_9X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper_$50

Protector_9X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper_$50


Father_12X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper


I Made you a Mixtape_9X12_Acrylic on Canvas_$50

One_9X12_Acrylic on Canvas Paper_$50

Together_9X12_Acrylic on Canvas_$50_Proceeds will be donated to a Children's Foundation. For suggestions please feel free to email me!

To purchase. Please click (pay now) to purchase via Paypal. Venmo is also available by contacting the artist. Once purchased, kindly contact the Artist to request the painting of choice. Contact icons can be found on pages or via Contact Form.

*Shipping is included, if the shipping price is higher than $10 USD you will be contacted by the Artist for further instruction. No returns or exchanges. 

© 2020 by Sandra Rossini. 

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