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Welcome to my Artistic journey.

I am a Fine Artist who explores different art concepts and styles. My main focus is Cubism, and the repetition of shapes and lines.


Throughout my career I have brought forth decades of paintings in which I felt contained messages for the masses. 

My figure paintings take a further dive into the Feminine Mystique and Female Experience.


An example of this can be seen in my work as I transitioned into Motherhood, bringing forth the "Mother and Child Series," where I could pull apart the nuclear image. 

 An advocate of Black Lives Matter.

Certain paintings and merchandise will be marked BLM, in which I will donate a percentage of the profit to the movement. 

 My paintings reflect original, mysterious, colorful, playful conscious content to stimulate the mind.  I believe in making Original Art attainable to all social and economic classes.

 Thank you for your support, it is heartfelt. 

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